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About Us - Taiwan Vista Tour

Who are we?

Before Taiwan Vista Tour started off, we were simply Hualien locals that love the outdoors and enjoy keeping an active lifestyle.

However, when exploring the adventures the beautiful county has to offer, we realized that while many tour options were offered for the most popular destinations, travelers could not fully enjoy the iconic sights of Hualien because the groups were either too large to allow flexibility, or there was a lack of an English guided tour. And so, with our knowledge, experiences and familiarity with Hualien and the breathtaking views it has to offer, we got ourselves certified as professional tour guides.

Taiwan Vista Tour then started in 2014 with the goal of providing quality tour guide services for travelers to Taiwan. In the beginning, we offered tours to popular spots like Taroko National Park and East Rift Valley. However, as Hualien became increasingly popular with travelers from far, many of our international guests requested for in-depth experiences that allowed them to immerse in the local culture and adventures that Taiwanese enjoyed. We then decided to utilize our expertise on adventuring in Hualien and expanded our tour offerings to include hiking tours, cycling tours and river tracing.

Since then, thousands of travelers have trusted us to show them the beauty Hualien has to offer. And we’re proud to say, they have yet to be disappointed :p (We have proof to boot!)

Planning a escapade to Hualien? Let us know what excites your soul, and leave the planning to us!

Your adventure awaits,
Taiwan Vista Team

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