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Q:  How much is the deposit?

10% of your total tour price.

Q:   How do i make payment for the deposit?

Payment for deposit is via Paypal only.

Once availability of our guide is confirmed for your booking, we will email you a Paypal Invoice to request for payment of the deposit.

Q:  How do I make payment for the balance of the tour price?

Payment for the balance is via cash. Kindly pass the cash to your guide upon completion of your tour.

In the event that the balance payment cannot be made in cash, there is a 5% transaction fee for Paypal invoices.

About our Tours

Q:  How many people are there in a group?

To maintain quality, group sizes are limited to a maximum of 8 people. For groups larger than 8, please contact us in advance so we can make arrangements.

Q: What vehicle will we be travelling in?

For groups of 1-4 passengers, we will use a minivan/SUV. For groups of 5-8 people, we will use a 9-seater multivan.

Q:  What is included in the tour cost?

Please head to the relevant tour package page, and refer to the “Important Info” tab. All inclusions and exclusions specific to the tour are listed.

Q:  What should I bring ?

The list of items that you may need will be included in your confirmation email. If special equipment is required for your tour, we will provide them 🙂 e.g. Safety helmets, wetsuits.

Q: Can I request for a customized tour?

Definitely; we are flexible! If you would like a unique experience, drop us a note on what kind of adventure you would like to have.


Q: How do I meet my tour guide when I arrive?

  • Please refer to your tour confirmation file sent to your email. Your pick-up address/time, guide’s name and contact number will be indicated.
  • Directions for pick-ups at Hualien Train Station:
    When you first exit the train and head down the stairs, a sign will either point you towards the rear exit or the front exit of the station. We will wait at the front exit of the station with a sign indicating your name. If you would prefer to be picked up at the rear exit, let us know!

Q: I booked a Taroko National Park Day Tour, and am traveling from Taipei. How do i get to Hualien?

If travelling from Taipei, we would recommend taking these express trains: Taroko 402 (08:14) and Puyuma 202 (08:24), Puyuma 406 (08:57) as they arrive at Hualien Train Station before 9am.

Q: I’ve reached Taiwan, but do not have a local mobile number. How can i contact you?

If you require mobile data and your accommodation does not offer any, you can head to the nearest tourist information station (usually located in bigger MRT stations) and register yourself for iTaiwan, which is a free WiFi connection at most government run buildings.

To connect with us, you can
– Email to taiwanvista.tour@gmail.com
– Find us on LINE by searching “@taiwan.tour”
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